If you need to sell your house quickly, this is the guy for you. Courteous, dynamic and smiling! Really available and always present to answer all our questions.
Emmanuel is above all a friend for his clients. He assisted us with the sale of our home from the valuation to the closing of the transaction. He is approachable and present. His go-to-market strategy and assessment of the fair price made it possible to close the sale in less than 5 days. He was able to highlight and bring out the strong elements of our property.
Very professional!!! Very human listening to these customers. Mr. Bouchard takes the time to explain things and above all to reassure us in our insecurities.
Mr. Bouchard is a broker with whom we transacted the purchase of our dream house. Being my first purchase, he was able to free me from my stress and clarify my questions. Through his professionalism, his integrity and above all his expertise, he was able to go beyond our expectations and our challenges. In short, a transaction with peace of mind and a head full of confetti. If you are looking for a broker with whom you will trust and with whom you will be able to make a simple, honest and transparent transaction, you have the person you need!
Professional and courteous service
Excellent and outstanding service
Great service. Mr. Bouchard was very available. Callbacks were quick and he answered all my questions. He accompanied me until the end. Do not hesitate to contact him.
Very professional service, and a broker who listens to his clients. He works hard to satisfy his customers and help us in our projects. Thank you for your great service!
Satisfaction guaranteed ! Emmanuel is more than just a broker; In addition to impeccable service, I met a human who takes great care of his customers. I sold with him and he knew how to manage my stress 😅 and advised me very well. I highly recommend him!
I really liked the experience I had with this broker! Great service! With a great team! I recommend Emmanuel Bouchard as a broker to everyone, you won't be disappointed! Professional photos and videos, a magnificent and attentive customer approach!
Good service
(Français) Nous avons reçu le meilleur accompagnement que nous pouvions rêver d’avoir pour aller au bout de notre projet. Merci encore Emmanuel!
(Français) Très bon courtier professionnel
(Français) Service impécable! Toujours disponible et courtoie, le coeur dur la main! L'achat de notre première maison c'est passer comme sur des roulettes!! Merci beaucoup, nous sommes très heureux!
(Français) Avec la loyauté et intégrité que je connais, en cette personne, je peux dire qu'il ne refuse rein et démontre à ses clients un professionnalisme et dévouement avec la personnalisation des acheteurs. Vous ne pouvez trouver mieux en la matière ! !
(Français) Service offert de qualité! Agent qui prend le temps de répondre à toutes exigences soient-elles, à l'écoute de son client! Personne fiable et disponible. Courtois et professionnel, je le recommande fortement!
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